10 Superhero Movies You Had No Idea Were Nominated For Golden Globes


Award shows aren’t typically friendly to superhero films, but through the years, several movies have managed to sneak through the cracks and earn nominations. The Golden Globes is one of the top award shows every year as it honors both television and movies. For superhero movies, there have been ten different films who enjoyed nominations through the years. While it’s rarely nominations for best movie, there have been numerous nominations for actors and music.

When Tim Burton’s Batman was released in 1989, one of the biggest highlights was Jack Nicholson playing the role of The Joker. The Golden Globes honored that with an acting nomination. Deadpool was also a game changer when it came to superhero films and the movie received a best picture nomination along with a nomination for star Ryan Reynolds. Big Hero 6 is a great animated film about heroes and was up for best animation. Batman Forever is known for many songs, but a surprising choice got nominated over another option. The Mask of Zorro seems like an underrated horror film, but the Golden Globes recognized it with multiple nominations. Heath Ledger turned heads with his 2009 performance of the Joker, but sadly passed away before he could accept the nomination. The Incredibles received a huge nomination in 2004. The Mask was originally comic book and Jim Carrey earned a nomination for his over-the-top comedic role. Way back in 1978, Superman received one of the first ever nominations for a Superhero film, but it was related to the movie’s theme. Watch to see all these nominations and more!