10 Super Bowl On Stage Moments That Weren't For Kids


The yearly Super Bowl is kind of a big deal for sports fan, but everyone can enjoy the famous halftime show. However, although the NFL and the FCC try their best, it sometimes fails to be completely family friendly. We will take you through ten performances that are definitely not safe for kids. Of course, there is the infamous Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake debacle, but some feel that what Kid Rock did on stage is even more offensive. Madonna managed to perform without offending anyone, but the same couldn’t be said for M.I.A who made a very inflammatory gesture at the audience. Beyoncé put on an amazing performance, but paired it with a political statement that many people, including law enforcement, felt was unnecessarily inflammatory. It takes a lot to make Slash from Guns N’ Roses uncomfortable, but we think that Fergie managed with her inappropriate dance moves, and tone deaf rendition of Sweet Child O’ Mine.