10 Summer Life Hacks Everyone Should Know


Summer equals days at the beach and ice cold treats, and we’ve got summer life hacks to help everyone enjoy the long, hot days in the best way possible. Whether you’re looking for beach hacks or want ways to keep the bugs away, we’ve got tips on it all.

In our video you’ll learn all the secrets for the perfect day at the beach, from how to disguise your valuables and protect your smartphone to how to remove sand from your hands and feet the easy way. Clue: it involves a product from the baby toiletries aisle! If you miss a bit with your sunscreen, check out our natural sunburn treatment involving aloe vera ice cubes.

Everything tastes better in colorful shades, as you’ll see with our DIY rainbow Popsicles. Or how about the chicest way to make Oreo sprinkles to grind on your ice cream? Everyone loves a sweet treat in summer, but no one likes dealing with sticky hands. Learn how to catch Popsicle drips with a baking cupboard staple, and how to use that to protect your drink from bugs too. We’ve also got the lowdown on a DIY citronella candle to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Watch our video to discover 10 summer life hacks everyone should know, including how to cool drinks quickly, and how to achieve natural hair highlights with little more than sunshine and lemon juice. Tell us in comments which ones you’re going to try. Do you have any other hacks to share? We’d love to hear!