10 Student Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner


School plays such a large role in the early part of our lives. We can all remember the mixture of excitement and uncertainty on our first day of Kindergarten, or even the first day at a new school. Then, many of us headed off to college or university. This was the time when we explored a new world, learned all sorts of exciting new things and met many new people who would become lifelong friends. It’s also a time when we figured out how to manage incredible work-loads while working in enough time to go to the bar or watch the playoffs.

Of course, looking back at high school and college, there are probably some things we wished we had either known or done differently. This includes the following shortcuts or ‘hacks’ that no doubt make student life just a little bit easier. For instance, there’s a visual way the Japanese learn multiplication that could help those of us who struggled in math class. If your paper is too short, there is a simple font trick that can expand your paper length without raising suspicions. We have a new way for you to use your smartphone as a scheduler or the dryer as a quick ironing fix. Looking to get that information into your head faster and more permanently? Studying those notes within the first 24 hours is key. In fact, pay attention to the colors around you and even the color of your ink because that can all play a role in how well you learn and problem solve. Come to think of it, we’ll show you how bananas are a great brain food for any student. Just make sure you wake up in time with our alarm clock hack that uses your smartphone. Finally, we’ll share some organization shortcuts. From folding and storing your clothes a certain way, to using binder clips unconventionally, we’ll save you seconds a day and help keep everything just a little more orderly. Class is in session.