10 strictest daycare for kids


We all like to think of ourselves as fairly well-behaved children. Sure, sometimes we drove our parents to pull out their hair and want to scream over our refusal of the same food we were crazy about yesterday, but we were basically good kids. While you might have fond childhood memories of eating chicken nuggets and drinking juice boxes, these are strict no-nos at multiple daycares and programs for children. Some of the rules for nutrition are so strict, even most adults would have trouble following them. At least as an adult only our wallets can limit how much juice we can have, and not an edict from the New York City government. If you enjoyed camping trips when you were a kid, we have a handful of programs designed to introduce kids to the great outdoors, like New Hope Wilderness Camp, Outward Bound, and WinGate. However, you’ll be doing most of the work, and if you refuse to cooperate, you’ll end up sitting on the ground covered in bug bites and wishing for a single chicken nugget. Or, for a different camp experience, Camp Consequence has a foreboding name, and a rigorous program for campers. If you’ve dreamed of joining the military, Marva and Sarge’s Community Base will give you all the discipline and rigorous physical training you’d expect from boot camp. Of course, your physical skills will still probably pale in comparison to the skills of the kids at the Bozhou Artistic Gymnastic Training Base, where these kids eat, think, and breathe gymnastics.