10 Strange Requirements To Work As A Flight Attendant


Many people have dreamed of becoming flight attendants. You have the chance to be traveling around the world, meet new people every day on the plane, and have all your expenses paid. But only a few people can live this beautiful life as they have to follow strict guidelines to be part of the crew. This is why today, we are showing you 10 strange requirements to work as a flight attendant.

We all have noticed that air hostesses are very good-looking, and there is a reason for this. Each airline has specific guidelines for makeup, uniforms, and even undergarments. But first, you need to get the job. Only people between 5’2” and 6’2” tall can work as flight attendants, and you could be fired if you gained too much weight. It is not simple to be a beauty ideal.

Flight attendants don’t only have the beauty, but they also got the brain. Even if they only need a high school diploma to do this job, most of them actually have a college degree. And when it comes to training, they have to do a lot of strange things to prove that they are strong enough to survive a plane crash and live in the jungle. So if something happens, make sure that an air hostess is by your side.

Stay tuned to hear more about strange requirements like not being married, having the best personality, making a good first impression, dealing with loneliness, working without being paid, and smiling all the time no matter what happens. Tell us in the comments if you still want to be a flight attendant after watching this!