10 Strange Requirements to Work as a Disney Princess


Who wouldn’t want to be a Disney princess? You get to wear gorgeous dresses and smile all day at your thousands of adoring fans who have traveled from far and wide just to see you. Everyone wants a piece of the Disney magic, so you can bet that there are some strenuous hurdles to overcome to land one of the coveted positions. These are 10 strange requirements to work as a Disney princess.

First, you have to be a certain height. Did you ever wonder how they managed to make all of the Belles and Ariels look so similar? They are all between 5’4 and 5’7. Why? Because the uniforms come in a sort of one-size fits all scale and if you are too tall for the uniform, then you can bet your Disney dreams will stay dreams.

You have to somewhat resemble a princess. Kids come from all over the world to see their favorite cartoon characters in real life. If you don’t look anything like the character you are playing, it won’t take long for a kid to recognize that you probably aren’t the real princess. No one wants that.

You must also be able to think on the spot. A big part of the job is improv. You need to be able to answer any and every question that a guest might have. The customers want to know what it’s really like to be a princess so you have to be ready and willing to tell them before you ever step out on the floor.

Stay tuned to the video to find out more about these and other strange requirements to be a Disney princess!