10 STRANGE Requirements To Join Jake Paul's Team 10


By now, you’ve probably heard of Team 10. The group of young social media influencers has banded together to take over the internet. They are so popular that people are practically begging to be a part of their crew. But there are few things you need to squad up with the team’s creator, Jake Paul. So here are 10 Strange Requirements to Join Jake Paul’s Team 10.

You need to be good at pranking. Why? Because the team produces so many pranking videos it’s ridiculous. Just look at how Marcus Dobre pranked his brother Lucas by putting pink dye in his shampoo and turning his whole body pink. That prank was gold and earned them lots and lots of views.

You should also be ready to move. Many members of Team 10 live in Jake Paul’s house. He says that it makes the home like an incubator for talent and allows them to all work together quite easily. So, if you are attached to your hometown, Team 10 might not be the right group for you.

It also wouldn’t hurt to have some sort of talent. If you can break dance like the Dobre twins or sing like AJ Mitchell, you are more likely to get into the crew because of what you would add to its roster.

Whether it’s model good looks like Alissa Violet or hilarious videos like Chance and Anthony, there are a few things you need to join this famous crew. Stay tuned to 10 Strange Requirements to Join Jake Paul’s Team 10 to find out what they are. You’ll never guess what big life step you might have to take to join the squad.