10 Strange Reasons Toys Were Banned


It seems like adults had a little too much fun when they were creating these toys. From inappropriate cartoon characters to dangerous dolls and too popular gadgets, these toys had to be taken off the shelves. If you want to know more about the reasons why, make sure to watch 10 Strange Reasons Toys Were Banned.

Fidgets spinners are simple but so addictive: they spin in our hand for a minute, and then we can’t keep ourselves from making it spin “just one more time.” And their popularity is also the reason why they were banned in so many high schools in America: they were too distracting for children!

Every kid wished they could go to Hogwarts, but some children in need didn’t have the chance to have that dream. The Salvation Army banned Harry Potter movies, books, and toys. If they received any toys based on the wizard as a donation, they refused to distribute it to children because they didn’t want to promote black magic.

We have to admit that dolls sometimes look scary, and you had a good reason to be scared of the Cabbage Patch Doll. Instead of eating fake food, the Snacktime kid was trying to eat children. When it started eating their hair, it was almost impossible to stop it as there was no on-off switch on the toy. This would make the perfect scary movie!

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