10 Strange Phobias You May Not Know You Have


All human beings have specific things in life that they're afraid of. Whether you're afraid of spiders, heights, or of being out on open water, you're not alone. It's normal to be fearful of things. However, if you have a fear that’s getting in the way of your ability to function and live your life, then you might actually have a phobia. Phobias are anxiety disorders that make you excessively and irrationally afraid of something. If you want to know if you're a phobic, check out our video about 10 Strange Phobias You May Not Know You Have.

While most people love sleeping, there are some people out there who are actually afraid of falling asleep. Known as hypnophobia, this phobia can cause someone's anxiety to get so bad at bedtime that they start to panic and choke. Getting a good night's sleep is integral to one's health, and this phobia can really get in the way of that. But you'll have to keep watching to learn more about how you can develop hypnophobia.

Heliophobia is a phobia that causes people to be extremely fearful of the sun. Those who suffer from it try to avoid being in the sun at all costs because they’re scared of getting skin cancer. One heliophobic has admitted that she feels like cancer is penetrating her skin whenever she's outside in the sun. We don't know how some people can live without sunshine in their lives, but it just goes to show how truly life-limiting phobias can be.

From neophobia to gephyrophobia to coulrophobia, there are many phobias that you just may not realize that you have. Make sure to keep watching until the end to hear about the phobia that President Donald Trump is rumored to have.