10 Strange But Attractive Things Girls Do


When a guy’s attracted to a girl, there’s not much she can do that will turn him off. Some things, such as burping and sweating, may be seen as unattractive to some people, but to a guy who’s in love or infatuated these things are actually kind of cute. Here are 10 strange but attractive things girls do.

After a gym session or after participating in some extreme sports, it’s pretty likely that a girl will be covered in a bit of sweat. She may think she looks unattractive when she perspires, but guys beg to differ. As long as she’s not drenched in perspiration, a little bit of sweat gives girls a natural glow that leaves their faces flushed and their cheeks rosy, and this is a look that guys just can’t resist.

For girls who have a loud and unusual laugh, some guys actually find really strange laughs to be charming. If a girl cackles or snorts when she’s laughing her butt off, some guys will become even more attracted to her. So a girl should never try to restrain her laugh when she finds something really funny because chances are, there’s a guy out there who will love everything about her, including her strange chuckle.

Whenever a girl talks to an animal or a baby, her voice goes from normal to high-pitched almost instantly. This squeaky “baby voice” is something that most guys actually find attractive. As long as she’s not talking this way all the time, guys love it when a girl busts out with this screechy and cute voice when it’s appropriate.

Some girls are extremely self-conscious when it comes to eating in front of a guy they really like. They try to play it cool by ordering food that’s not too messy because they’re afraid it will turn a guy off. But the truth is, guys love it when a girl goes to town on a plate of food and proceeds to stuff her face. When it’s time to eat, a guy doesn’t care if a girl puts her manners to the side and indulges in the messiest, greasiest meal possible.

Another strange thing most guys find attractive is when a girl gets absolutely petrified. If she’s watching a horror movie, or she’s just come in contact with a creepy spider, a guy loves it when a girl gets so scared that she’s jumping out of her seat and shivering in fear. Of course, he doesn’t want her to be in any grave danger, but seeing her vulnerable and balled up in the corner like a scaredy cat gives him a chance to wrap his arms around her, and tell her everything will be OK.