10 Straight Celebs Who Had GAY Relationships


When you’re used to seeing them with a partner of the opposite sex, it’s easy to forget that these 10 straight celebrities had gay relationships. Some had long-term relationships with a partner of the same sex, while others had short-lived flings and experimentations. Many of these celebs that had homosexual relations had just one experience and the rest of their romantic life has been heterosexual, while others have had multiple gay experiences. While most have openly spoken about their gay relationships, there are certain celebs who denied rumors for ages. And while some of these relationships are well known, some of the names on this list might surprise you.

Some celebs don’t freely admit their homosexual past. It can take years for them to admit to having gay relationships in their younger years. Gavin Rossdale was reluctant to confess to his gay experimentation as a teenager, and it was a massive 15 years after the first report of his gay relationship for the rocker to confirm the rumors. It caused a lot of controversy and interest in the media at the time. Other famous men who’ve had gay relations, like Tom Hardy, have been quite open about their past experiences.

Then there are the celebs who have had high-profile relationships with people of the same sex. Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson’s lesbian relationship received a lot of attention. But after their relationship ended, Lindsay maintained that she was in fact straight. Anne Heche’s lesbian relationship with Ellen DeGeneres also racked up the column inches, but she went on to be in long-term relationships with men. Amber Heard and Angelina Jolie were so serious about their lesbian lovers they were at, or nearly at, the marriage stage. But both actresses went on to marry very famous men.

There are plenty of famous people who have experimented sexually with their own sex. Megan Fox had an intense lesbian affair with a stripper in her wild teen days. Fergie admitted to playing around with women before she settled down with Josh Duhamel, but maintained she never had a steady girlfriend. Drew Barrymore has spoken about her experiences with women, and Alanis Morissette has admitted to dalliances with women in the past too. They’ve all been open about their past lesbian experiences, but all married men in the end.

Watch our video to discover the details behind 10 straight celebs’ gay relationships, and let us know which one intrigues you the most.