10 Steven Universe Episodes That Weren't For Kids


“Steven Universe” is a Cartoon Network show with a devoted fanbase. The show focuses on Steven, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst, who are all protecting the world from evil. The wacky show shows the characters going on many adventures, but they also tell a lot of inappropriate jokes. From “Onion Friend,” “Coach Steven,” “Alone Together,” “Maximum Capacity,” and many others, we’ve found several “Steven Universe” episodes that were meant for adults more than they were meant for kids!

Let’s start with “Coach Steven.” The Crystal Gems create fusion powers through dancing and in this episode, it seems that Steven gets a little bit too excited when he watches Garnet and Amethyst groove and synchronize. Pearl even tries to make him look away and she looks pretty uncomfortable!

In “Say Uncle,” we get to see the worlds of “Steven Universe” and “Uncle Grandpa” combine. Steven introduces Uncle Grandpa as a regular uncle grandpa, to which Pearl comments that he’d then be Greg’s dad and brother all at the same time. Garnet adds that this would definitely explain a lot.

Another strange episode was “Onion Friend.” We learn that someone in Onion’s house is obsessed with Amethyst. We also learn all about Amethyst’s sensual past with Onion’s mother, and Steven has to watch an unfortunate tape of Onion’s mom giving birth to him. Talk about an inappropriate episode!

“Onion Friend,” “Coach Steven,” “Say Uncle,” “Alone Together,” “Maximum Capacity,” “Secret Team,” “Joking Victim,” “Tiger Millionaire,” “So Many Birthdays,” and “Onion Trade,” are “Steven Universe” episodes that definitely weren’t meant for kids!