10 Stars Who Won't Be Relevant in 5 Years


Fame is a funny thing, as these popular celebrities no one will care about in five years are about to find out. One day you’re riding high, racking up column inches, at the top of your game and exciting a load of fans desperate to find out your next move. But then something happens and you’re irrelevant. You might get replaced in their affections by a newer, younger, more interesting celebrity. You might have started out too strong and not be able to reach the same success. Or you might just end up stretching your 15 minutes of fame that bit too far. These celebrities might be hanging onto fame now, but give it five years and they’ll be irrelevant.

The music world is a particularly cruel place for celebrities’ downfalls to be obvious. When it comes to success or failure, record sales tell it all. Some singers start out so strong with a massive hit that the only way is down. And unless you’ve got something exceptionally special, you won’t be able to keep the interest going for years. Just ask Carly Rae Jepsen or Meghan Trainor. Their huge hits weren’t so great in the end given that they just accentuate how far they’ve now fallen from that top spot. And then there’s the music stars who turn the public against them with their silly actions. Ariana Grande, we’re looking at you. And of course there are the singers who are desperate to reignite their careers, but just don’t get anywhere. Remind you of anyone, Ciara? Then there are those *ahem* Iggy Azalea *ahem* who crash and burn.

Reality TV stars are also more likely to lose their appeal than long-standing celebs such as movie stars. They’ll often try to eke out their 15 minutes by starring in spin-off shows. And when that fails, there’s always the old classic sex tape to fall back on. Courtney Stodden and Farrah Abraham know exactly what we mean. And if you were famous for being young, brash party animals, you can’t keep that going for years. Snooki and JWoww have done amazingly well to keep their careers going, but surely they won’t still be followed around by cameras in five years. Even the kings of reality TV, the Kardashians could be usurped by one of their own: Rob Kardashian, come on down.

Watch our video to discover the reasons why no one will care about these celebs in five years, and let us know who you think will become most irrelevant.