10 Star Wars Battlefront 2 Secrets That E3 Didn't Show You


In this video list we look at the aspects of Star Wars Battlefront 2 that were not featured in the press conference during during E3. We talk at length about the single player mode as well as the class specifications for the multiplayer. Other topics include the possible heroes that might be released for the upcoming DLC. Speaking of DLC, we also talk about the fact that the game will still have microtransactions even though the game’s DLC will be free. We also touch on the topic of weapon versatility and how the vehicle combat has been improved from the first game. We also look at the in depth single player mode and what it will bring to the table as far story, polish and mechanics. We talk about the branching paths players can take in the single player mode. The fact that all three eras of the game being represented is important and will be talked about in this video. The single player campaign will feature more than just the main character, we look at the possibilities the little droid on her back hold for the game. Finally we talk about how E3 will be promoting their new game and engaging with players in a fun sweepstakes people can enter on social media. We hope you are as excited as we are to see a promising follow up to the Star Wars Battlefront franchise. We here at the Gamer know that we are one with the force and the force is with us.