10 Spring Break Horror Stories


Students all over North America spend months planning their Spring Break trips. But, these stories prove not everything can go to plan! To a family left paralyzed in the US Virgin Islands, to a college student who was sacrificed in Mexico these are 10 Spring Break horror stories.

In March 2015 the Esmond Family decided to spend their Spring Break in the US Virgin Islands. The day before the Esmond’s checked into their nearly $900 a night hotel room, the hotel room below was treated for insects. The problem is the treatment that was used contained methyl bromide, which is also highly toxic to humans, and illegal for use in doors. The family grew sick, and by July 2015, father Stephen Esmond, was still paralyzed, and his two sons were also paralyzed and one was in and out of a coma.

In 2007, Brian Schaffer and his friend Clint Florence decided to celebrate the beginning of Spring Break at a bar in Columbus, Ohio. Surveillance footage shows Brian talking to two women outside of the bar that night. But, he seems to disappear back inside the bar after the conversation. Cameras never see Brian leave the bar that night, and no one has information. Police believe Brian’s friend Clint has more information, but he has refused to take a polygraph test. Clint’s attorney insists Brian is still alive, and he is choosing to not be found.

The Smith family had big plans for Spring Break, which included staying at an all-inclusive hotel in Cancun, Mexico. While on vacation, 16-year-old Andrew Smith was waiting for the hotel elevator when he fell down an unprotected elevator shaft. Though Smith survived the 5-story fall, it was 50 minutes until any help arrived. When the doctor finally came to the rescue, Andrew was found impaled with metal. Smith died from heart failure during surgery to save his life.

Michigan State University senior, Lucy Grandolph, was no stranger to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. So, she thought it would be the perfect spot for her and her friends to head for Spring Break. On the last night of her vacation she was separated from her friends. While trying to hail a cab home, a security guard forced his way into her cab, and wouldn’t leave. The guard and the cab driver proceeded to sexual assault Grandolph, but dumped her when another driver spooked them. Grandolph spoke out about her nightmare assault in 2015, but sadly took her own life in 2016.

In 2009, 17-year-old Brittanee Drexel went to Myrtle Beach for Spring Break. On the last night of the vacation, Brittanee walked to a friend’s hotel room, but when she left she was never seen again. It wasn’t until August of 2016 that authorities had answers for Brittanee’s disappearance. An inmate confessed to cops that he saw Brittanee being held captive a day after she was reported missing. He also claims to have witnessed her being raped, killed, and dumped into an alligator pit.

One of the scariest Spring Break horror stories belongs to Mark Kilroy. The University of Texas student and his friends headed to South Padre Island in 1989. During their trip they hopped back and forth between Texas and near by Mexico. One night Mark separated from his friends while in Mexico, and never returned. It wasn’t until a month later that the gruesome details of what happened to Mark were revealed. While in Mexico, Mark was abducted by a drug smuggling Mexican cult, that practiced black magic. The cult sacrificed Mark in the belief that drinking his blood would help them evade arrest.

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