10 Sneaky Ways Students Cheated on Their Exams


People are always looking to beat the system and get ahead. This also holds true for students. In order to get good grades, many students resort to cheating. Yet, it can get pretty in-depth at times. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at these following sneaky ways students have tried to get the answer and ace that exam.

We’ll start off by showing you how students have actually used invisible ink and UV light to sneak answers past watchful teachers. Speaking of watchful, the advent of smartwatches means that device on a student’s wrist does a lot more than tell the time. Cheating can even involve teamwork. For instance, we’ll tell you about how students work together to get images of tests and questions out to other students as fast as you can read this sentence. Turns out all those girls who love decorating their nails could also be using their ten dolled-up fingers to hide answers. Band-Aids are great at covering cuts or scrapes. Turns out they are also great at hiding answers used to cheat. Things get really sneaky when we look at how some students print off pop and water bottle labels that look legit, but contain information for an exam. In the realm of low-tech, there’s always the tactic some girls use of writing the answers on their upper thigh and covering it with a skirt. Allowed to bring in a calculator but nothing else? Not a problem. There’s one cheat where students can make their phone look just like a calculator to get it past a watching teacher. If you want to get covert again, there’s always the really tiny earpieces you can use. Synced up to an iPod or a friend outside, these can stream you valuable info for your exam. Finally, there’s the tactic of just getting someone else to sit the exam for you. It’s been done and some people even do it as a job!