10 Snapchats That Should Have Been Deleted


Between funny filters, and the fact that they can be deleted, snapchat is a fun social media platform. It’s a great way to share your world with the rest of the world in real time. But, what happens when people share a little too much of their world? From toilet seat selfies, to causing car accidents, these are 10 snapchats that should have been deleted.

Usually it is women who get caught sending naughty photos through snapchat, but when this guy got caught, the results were hilarious. The snap shows a man standing in front of a mirror wearing nothing but red nose reindeer underwear. It’s even better considering he admits that he accidently sent the photo to his dad and not his girlfriend. Unlucky for him, more people than just his dad are going to be laughing at this photo for a LONG time!

There are a plethora of girls who use social media such as snapchat to get validation from strangers. But, if you have to send a warning to fans that might screenshot the photo, you should probably just not take the picture. This snap shows a girl showing off her killer body as a result of her progress from working out. She sends the snap and tells who ever sees it not to screenshot it, but obviously that didn’t work out for her. It’s best to just not take scandalous photos if you don’t want anyone gawking at them later.

When people aren’t busy taking scandalous photos of themselves, they sometimes take them of other people. If we have learned anything from snapchat in 2016, you should never post another person naked without them knowing. Just ask Playmate Dani Mathers, who was charged with invasion of privacy for posting a photo of an unsuspecting naked 70-year-old woman. In this snap we can see a young man who took a photo of an older man using the rest room. Not only is the snap rude and inconsiderate, it can also cost the snapper some jail time if the man in the picture presses charges.

What can be cuter than snapping a photo of your significant other while they are sleeping? Well, if you are these people, you let the world know you are forever alone by pretending to be asleep when someone took a snap of you. Though they most likely didn’t mean to show everyone how lonely they were, these people fail buy accidently getting photograph evidence that they were the ones who actually took the photo. We actually feel bad for them; hopefully they found someone to take sleepy snaps of them so they don’t have to fake it anymore.

We get it, break ups can be really hard, and it’s hard not to share what you are going through on social media. But, sometimes your feelings should be left for your therapists or friends. This guy decided that all his snap chat followers had to know how much he missed his ex by posting a snap of himself crying. Yes, it’s ok to cry, but it makes everyone uncomfortable when you are fishing for sympathy online. Next time, just talk to a friend, and save the sad photos for a drunken text to your ex.

It’s true that snapchatting and driving just don’t mix. It looks like one snapchat user found out the hard way. While we understand that you want to brag about going super fast in your car, you may want to actually pay attention to the road. What started as a joy ride quickly ended in this girl calling for help. Her and her boyfriend overturned their car, and she kept snapping anyways. Sometimes it’s best to just call 911 for help when you are bleeding from your brain, not snapchat.