10 Snapchats That Should Have Been Deleted


Some Snapchatters don’t realize their Snaps can get saved, and that can lead to some seriously embarrassing Snapchats that should have been deleted. Thought all your Snaps self-destructed within 10 seconds? Think again. They can live on forever. And get shared on the Internet. This can be particularly embarrassing when it involves sexy Snapchats with lots of flesh on display. Or those moments when you’ve done something you’ve regretted and shared it with your friend, only to have the whole world find out about your one night stand. Even if you’re trying to hurt someone with your x-rated Snap, you might find it comes back and bites you on the behind. From Snapcheaters getting their comeuppance to shocking party pics, we’re showing you the top 10 Snapchats that should not have been sent or saved.

One of the most popular of all the Snapchats is the sexy Snapchat. You might think your sexy selfie will only be seen by one person, and for a matter of seconds. But actually, that pic of you in your lingerie or bikini will more than likely get saved. This can either be used to blackmail you, or be shared around the Internet with the rest of the world. Either way, you’re gonna end up red-faced. And if you think there’s a chance your nipple shot is going to get saved, and you even add a caption to threaten action if it does, then you probably shouldn’t be sending in the first place, right? Celebrities aren’t beyond leaked Snapchats either. Just ask Jennette McCurdy.

Then there’s all the fun of Lenses. Seriously, who doesn’t love barfing rainbows? But sometimes these funny Snaps should only exist for a few seconds – any longer might start to make you feel a bit queasy. It’s the same for doodling. You might think it’s hilarious to draw multi-colored phallic symbols all over the screen to cover your face. But you might not want that Snap still in existence when you’ve got grandkids. The same goes for funny captions over regrettable decisions. You might think that Snap of your one night stand with a witty one-liner written across it is hilarious. And it probably is, for your friend to see for just a few seconds. When it gets saved, it’s not quite so hilarious.

Watch our video to discover the most cringeworthy Snapchats that should have been deleted, and let us know which one you think is the worst!