10 Small Details In The Loud House Only True Fans Noticed


“The Loud House” is a popular Nickelodeon cartoon and here at TheThings, we have to admit that we love it just as much as some of the younger kids do. It’s completely hilarious, but what’s even better about it is the fact you can find some of the smallest details that only true fans would notice. These are Easter eggs, animation mistakes, references, and mystery facts that are only known to the real fans of the show.

Make sure to watch our video to learn more about the show’s connection to “The Peanuts,” the truth about the kids’ parents, the color of Lisa’s clothes, Lincoln’s strength, the lost episode, where you can see “The Loud House” staff, and more small details only true fans would know about. Don’t forget to subscribe to TheThings channel on YouTube and make sure to let us know what videos you want to see next!