10 Simple Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life


Most of us depend on technology and our favorite gadgets to come to the rescue when we’re caught in a sticky situation. But sometimes, these gadgets fail us. If you were stuck somewhere and your car and cell phone weren’t working properly, would you be able to survive until help arrived? If your answer is “no,” here are a few simple survival hacks that could save your life.

If you’re walking down a dark alley or an unfamiliar place and you’re feeling a bit unsafe, this survival hack can save your life. Just hold your keys in your hand like a weapon, and if anyone happens to approach you, you can use your keys as a knife. The sharp and jagged edge of the key can penetrate and stab your attacker’s skin if you use enough force.

After getting stranded in the middle of nowhere, hunger will set in at some point. If you don’t have any snacks available to hold you over, it’s time to go fishing. If you don’t have fishing supplies, but you have a soda can in your possession, remove the tab on the metal can by twisting it until it pops off. Then, using a cutting tool, cut off a portion of the tab until it resembles a fishing hook. Attach a string to the end of the hook, add a bit of bait, and go catch some dinner!

Breathing in smoke and fumes during an emergency situation can be deadly. But there’s a clothing item that will protect you from harmful airborne particles during a fire, an explosion or a terrorist attack. Ladies, all you have to do is take off your bra. Use one of the cups to cover your face, and the other cup can be used for a friend in need. Place the cups over your nose and mouth to protect your lungs until you reach safety.

Rubbing two sticks together to start a fire can take forever, and when cold weather sets in, you’ll be desperate for a quick way to heat up your body. A survival hack that allows you to start a fire in the blink of an eye requires a full water bottle, some scrap paper, and some sunlight. Use the curved part of the bottle like a magnifying glass, and focus it onto the piece of scrap paper until it creates a beam from the reflection of the sun. After allowing it to sit, the beam will heat up, and you’ll see smoke rising from the paper. As the smoke intensifies, add more paper until you see a small flame. Keep adding more paper to the mound, and you’ll have a fire started in no time.

If you’re ever stuck in an emergency situation, don’t forge this list of survival hacks that can potentially save your life!