10 Signs You're TOO MATURE For Your Boyfriend


It’s a well-known fact that girls mature faster than boys, and this gap in maturity levels can definitely cause a bit of strain in your relationship. Sometimes, the issues you and your boyfriend experience all boil down to one thing: You’re just too mature for him. Here are a few of the signs your boyfriend is just too immature.

As you grow up and mature, nights out are less about partying until the sun comes up and more about doing things that are calm and relaxing. A huge sign that you’re too mature for your boyfriend is your ideas of a good time are vastly different. He may be more than content going to a frat party to defend his title as beer pong champ, while you rather spend your weekends at a laid-back lounge or an art museum.

When it comes to hanging out with your friends and family, you’ll think of a million reasons to leave your boyfriend behind at home. You’re always super worried that he’ll say something to embarrass you, like the time he told a fart joke to your parents. He thinks he’s being funny, but you think he’s embarrassing. One thing’s for certain: He’s definitely immature.

If your boyfriend depends on his parents or roommates to take care of him, do his laundry, and clean his room, there’s a pretty big chance he’s very immature. With maturity comes the desire to take care of yourself in every possible way. So if your boyfriend is happy with letting other people do everything for him, this should be a major red flag.

If you’re having communication issues in your relationship, the maturity gap between you and your boyfriend could be the cause of the problem. You shouldn’t expect him to talk your ear off all day long, but calling to check up on you throughout the day and holding meaningful conversations with you over dinner are a sign of maturity. If your boyfriend only communicates with you through text messages, and all of his replies are one-word answers, you definitely have a maturity issue on your hands.

Do you agree with these signs of an immature boyfriend?