10 Signs You Girlfriend Is Secretly Mad At You


If your girlfriend has been acting differently, there’s a pretty good chance you did something to tick her off. When a girl gets mad, it’s almost impossible for her to hide her feelings, and she’ll act out in some obvious ways to let you know you’re officially in the doghouse. Here’s a few signs your girlfriend is mad at you.

When a girlfriend gets mad, she’ll try to keep her emotions in check for as long as possible. At some point, she’ll be bubbling over with anger and begin lashing out over the tiniest things. Something as simple as leaving your clothes in a pile on the floor will send her into a fit of rage. Everything you do will start to bug her, which lets you know there’s definitely a bigger issue on her mind.

On the inside, she feels like she can blow up at any second, but your angry girlfriend will try hard to keep her anger in check. She’ll want to keep the peace for as long as possible, but that also means she’ll be acting completely fake whenever she’s around you. You can tell when your girlfriend’s genuinely happy, so if you notice she’s giving you a fake smile or telling really sarcastic jokes that aren’t even funny, she’s trying hard to conceal her anger.

A lot of girls are very affectionate when they’re around their boyfriends. They want to hug and kiss him all day long, sit on his lap, and snuggle up with him on the couch to watch movies. If you’ve noticed that your girlfriend’s level of affection went from hot and steamy to ice cold, this is a sure sign that something’s definitely wrong. By withholding PDA and refusing to let you get close to her when the two of you are alone, your girlfriend is not just mad at you, she’s furious!

Any other time, your sweet and caring girlfriend picks up your favorite food on her way home from work, she’ll sit through hours of a boring baseball game just to make you happy, and she’ll drop off a batch of homemade cookies at your job just to see you smile. But after getting in a fight with your girlfriend, she’ll immediately flip the script. Instead of being loving and doting, she’ll stop caring about your feelings entirely. She won’t ask you what you feel like eating, she’ll just head out to her favorite restaurant alone, and when you ask her for a favor, she’ll pretend she’s too busy to help you out.