10 Signs You Are Succeeding In Life (Even Though You Feel Like You Aren’t)


Everyone goes through their up’s and down’s, and everyone has a different path. But, could you really be doing that well if you sometimes feel like a failure? From being happy with what you see in the mirror, to being able to let go of things that don’t make you happy, these are 10 signs you are succeeding in life even though you feel like you aren’t.

Sometimes it can get hard to focus on all the things you have accomplished when you seem to be stuck in a rut. But, if you look back, you can see that you have set goals for yourself and stuck with them. You have had little victories, and you should celebrate them. Use these victories to keep pushing yourself through the hard times! You know you have much more a head of you, and these accomplished goals prove that nothing will get in your way!

You’ve had your ups and downs, and when you are in a slump, you don’t let it keep you down. You never focus on your failures; instead you used them as a lesson. You know that failure is temporary, and that your troubled situation won’t go on forever. You know that the worst failure of all is not trying everything in your power to succeed. So, when things don’t exactly go your way, you pick yourself up, and work to get yourself out of your slump, and back on track for your goal!

Whether it’s people or things, if they no longer bring happiness to your life, you don’t keep them around. You realize that your time is valuable, and you no longer pursue things that don’t contribute to your life. If a friend has become toxic, you know it’s time to let them go, and that’s ok. Your life is your journey, and you do everything to make sure your journey is pleasant. Though others may think you are being selfish, you are just practicing some self-love, which is the most important love of all.

You are a person with a passion, and knowing your passion is an accomplishment on its own. Many people roam through the world, not knowing exactly why they are here, but that just isn’t you! You know you have something to offer the world, and you strive for your passion every day. Though your bank account may not be full, or you are having a lazy day, it doesn’t mean your passion isn’t worth it. Keep your fire burning and your passion for life will pay off in the end!

It may have taken some time, but you are finally ok with the person you see in the mirror. No, you still may not be perfect, but who is? The things that used to bother you now make you feel special and unique. You only have one body, and you finally accept it for what it is, which is a beautiful thing. This is another form of self-love, and you deserve it, because you are awesome just the way you are!

You may not have the biggest house, or all the money in the world. But, at the end of the day, you don’t have many complaints, and life is pretty great. You look at the positive side of life, and you are generally a happy person. You spread your happiness and often find yourself motivating others, which in return helps to motivate yourself. You are a positive influence to the people around you, and actually take pride in being able to spread your joy. Being happy with your life is the greatest success of all!