10 Signs You Are Most DEFINITELY In The Friend Zone


Dating can get pretty tricky, especially if your crush happens to be a close friend. How can you tell if you are getting mixed signals or if you are in fact just a friend? Today we are here to help! These are 10 signs you are most DEFINITELY in the friendzone.

If every time you invite your crush out and they bring their friends with them, you are in the friendzone. If someone likes another person, they will want to have some quality alone time with them. The same is true for the opposite, when someone doesn’t like someone, they don’t want any alone time with them in order to keep boundaries. Many times girls will know if a guy likes them, and won’t want to hurt their feelings by turning them down, so they invite friends to go with them. So, if you find yourself always being a third wheel, chances are because your crush isn’t romantically interested.

If you have a crush on someone, but they are always talking about the dates they went on with other people, then you are in the friendzone. When someone likes you back, they would talk about the dates they want to go on with you. Sometimes they may not even know you are interested, but they see you as a friend, and friends talk about their relationships. So, if they are always talking about other people, it’s a good sign that this person isn’t into you romantically.

If you hang out together and they don’t put any effort into their appearance, or their actions, you are friendzoned. When someone likes someone else and they aren’t dating yet, they put an effort in to make sure they have their best food forward. So if you are around and they are in their sweatpants, or their house is a mess, it’s because they are comfortable with you. Yes being comfortable with someone is great, but if they are so comfortable that they turn into slobs when you are around, then they probably don’t care if you find them attractive or not

When men or women like one another, they like to be flirty and touch each other. If your crush can lay in bed with you, or actually get through a whole movie when you are around, you are in the friendzone. Yes your friend will hug you, and may even give you a peck on the cheek, but if it is no more than that, then it is what it is. This doesn’t mean you should force anything to happen either, if you crush wanted you, you would know it!

Have you ever been introduced as their “brother” or “Sister”? This means they love you, and you are probably very close, but they don’t see you as a sexual partner. Men and women would never call someone they are interested in a brother or a sister. This is a sure way to tell you have been friendzoned, and you won’t be coming out of it any time soon. The good news is, they do care about you a lot, just probably not in the way you were hoping.