10 Signs You And Your Crush Will End Up Together


It’s hard enough to find someone to like in the modern dating world. It’s even harder to figure out if that someone likes you back! But, are there actual hints your crush could be dropping that they see you as more than just friends? From spending a lot of time together, to them literally telling you they want to be with you, these are 10 signs you and your crush will end up together!

If you find yourself constantly in their company for no reason at all, it’s a good sign. You are around each other a lot, and have grown quite close. You are comfortable with them, and they make you feel like you can be yourself. When you both get along easily, and enjoy spending time together, chances are you are more than just friends!

Every time you see each other you can’t control your excitement, or your butterflies. Those little butterflies are actually anxiety, and you have no control when you know you are about to see each other. When you do meet up, you are instantly happy, laughing, and grinning ear to ear. Everything seems like puppies and rainbows, and you are both in your own little happy bubble! Though you aren’t together yet, you are already in the “Honeymoon Phase”.

You and your crush went on a first date, and it was so good you didn’t want it to end. There are actually signs they gave during the date that hint at a possible relationship! They hinted about events in the near future they may invite you to. Throughout the whole date they actually seemed interested in you, and you didn’t get a “hook up” vibe. They didn’t bring up past relationships, nor did they ask about yours. At the end of the date, they gave you a kiss on the cheek, and made plans to see you again! They even texted you first after the date to lock the plans in!

One of the biggest ways to tell if you and your crush will end up together is timing. If you are both single, not seeing other people, and actually want relationships, then the timing is right! If neither of you are hung up on an ex, nor trying to work through personal issues, then you are probably ready for a relationship. The good news is you both have already done all the legwork, now it’s time to admit you like each other!

Not only do you spend a ton of time together, but you also flirt the whole time. Maybe you have fun banter, or maybe you get a little physical, either way there are sparks. You have inside jokes that no one else gets, which is fine because it makes you feel closer. When you are around other people you can’t help but to openly flirt in front of them. It’s obvious you and your crush have a thing for each other, even if you haven’t admitted it yet.

Considering you talk about each other non-stop to anyone within earshot, your relationship is pretty obvious. Though you may not know you’re headed towards a relationship with your crush, all of your friends know. Not only that, but they have told you that they think you and your crush would make the perfect couple. The only people that haven’t figured it out are you and your crush. Chances are, you aren’t that far behind!

Of course, the most obvious sign of all that you will end up with your crush is if they have actually told you! You’ve been flirting for months. They aren’t dating anyone else. You’ve gone on dates, and they have finally spilled the beans. So, what are you waiting for? You and your crush are finally ready for a relationship together, it’s time to celebrate!