10 Signs He's A Psycho


You might think it’d be easy to spot a psychopath, but you’ll be shocked at these 10 signs he’s a psycho. Rather than aggressive, mean and bizarre, psychopaths are actually quite the opposite, particularly at first. So the red flags you should look out for to let you know whether you’re dating a psychopath will no doubt come as a surprise. There are a few distinct phases that psychos go through too, so you’ll discover how a relationship with a psychopath tends to pan out when you watch our video. It’ll give you chills.

When you first meet a psychopath, you won’t believe your luck. That’s because this ‘idealization’ phase is all about making you feel amazing. You’ll have never met anyone so charming or so similar to you. And that’s what you need to watch out for. One of the biggest signs he’s a psychopath is his incredible charm. He’ll make you feel like you’re soul mates. He’ll take you on adventures. He’s so exciting, playful and fun. And he’s great in bed, too. You’ll be walking on air and pinching yourself that you’ve met someone so perfect for you. But then his extreme stories might start to sound a bit strained. He might lay on the pity plays a bit too strong. And you might start to wonder if he’s really so perfect. But you’ve been totally sucked in by now.

And then comes the ‘devalue’ phase, when he suddenly turns the tables. He gives you the silent treatment or disappears for days. He tries to make you feel jealous by ‘triangulating’, which is when he brings in other women to the picture, like his ex or a female friend. You’re feeling uneasy and then he does the unthinkable and ends it. This is the ‘discard’ phase. He drops you like you meant nothing to him, and moves on instantly. He doesn’t even feel guilt or compassion because he’s actually incapable of those emotions. And just when you’ve accepted it’s over and he knows you’ve moved on, he starts ‘hoovering’. Like a vacuum cleaner, he tries to suck you back in with all the flattery, charm and attention again. The best way to deal with it is to cut all contact.