10 Signs He'll Be A Good Boyfriend


If you’re wondering whether your latest squeeze is boyfriend material, take a look at these 10 signs he’ll be a good boyfriend. They’ll help you figure out whether he’s a keeper, or whether you should get out now. From being upfront and not playing games to be a good talker and listener, these are the signs of a great boyfriend. Keep your eyes peeled for them.

When you’re starting out with a new guy, it can get really frustrating really quickly when he tries to play it too cool. A guy who’ll be a good boyfriend won’t be interested in silly dating rules. He won’t play games or treat you mean to keep you keen. He’s straightforward and you know where you stand with him. That’s because he’s upfront about your relationship status. He’s happy to talk about the difficult things as well as all the fun stuff. You have plenty to chat about, and he’s open and honest. He’s quick to apologize and admit when he’s wrong, too.

It’s a bit of a red flag when a guy gets too serious too soon, so an ideal boyfriend will take things slow and steady. That’s not to say he’s too standoffish or makes you do all the work. He’s just not talking about moving in together after date three. He gives you space to do your own thing, and trusts you. That said, he wants you to be involved in each other’s lives, and wants to share his interests with you. He’ll get involved with those things you’re most passionate about too, even if he’s not a big fan of it himself.

Life is much easier when everyone you love gets along. So it’s definitely a good sign if he gets on well with your friends. And it’s really important that he’s happy for you both to have different views on things. If he’s cool with you having a different view to him, it shows he’s comfortable in his own opinions, and respects yours too. It’s particularly difficult to have a long-term relationship with someone who won’t commit to future plans. So if he’s totally on board with making plans, even if it’s just for the next weekend, that’s a great sign. And finally, you’ve got a keeper on your hands if he encourages you, backs you and celebrates your successes. If he’s your biggest fan, he’ll probably make a great boyfriend.

Discover the details of these 10 signs he’ll be a good boyfriend in our video, and let us know in comments which one you think is the best indicator he’s a keeper.