10 Signs A Girl Likes You


Girls are hard to read, and when it comes to relationships, they can be like a vault. Though they don’t like giving away all there feelings, chances are they are doing things that will let you know they like you, and not even know it! From laughing at your stupid jokes, to having shaky eye contact, these are 10 signs a girl likes you!

Girls are a little different than guys when it comes to making eye contact with someone they like. Guys are more likely to stare at girls, where girls are more likely to make eye contact and quickly break it. But, if a girl is doing this over and over, it may mean she is interested. You won’t get the sultry sexy eye stare that are in movies, it will be more like what you experienced in high school. She will glance at you then see you look her way and quickly look away and smile or blush, but don’t be fooled, she digs you!

Compared to guys, women have a lot more body language clues when they like someone. If you are in a group setting, she will find a way to sit or stand close to you, so you notice her. If she is sitting next to you with her legs crossed, and one of them is pointed at you, it means she likes you. Pay attention to her posture, girls also tend to tilt their heads slightly when they are talking to someone they are interested in. She may also lick her lips a lot and play with her hair more when she is around someone she is attracted to.

If a girl can’t keep her hands off you, that is a great sign to show she finds you attractive. From bumping into you in the hallway, or a slight touch of your arm when you’re talking, she is trying to show you she is interest. When a girl isn’t attracted to someone, she will make sure to stay as far away as possible from them. So if she is comfortable with you, and is touching you often, or wants to be physically close to you, those are sure signs she is falling for you!

If you are in a crowded place, and you seem to keep bumping into her, it’s a good chance that it isn’t a coincidence. When girls like someone, they want to be close to them. If you have just met them, and they stay by your side after you buy them a drink, it means they are interested. You should keep talking to her to see if there is a connection. When a girl takes the time to be close to you, it means you have done a good job of stealing her attention, and now you have the job of keeping it! Don’t blow it!

When a girl likes someone, she will do everything in her power to be available to see them. Now, there are times when they can be too available, but that just means she really likes you. If you find a girl always too busy, or cancelling plans without trying to figure out a better date, you should give up. Yes, people get busy, and things happen, but if she likes you, she will make sure she sees you. If you haven’t heard from a girl for a while, chances are she is over you, or she just isn’t interested, and it’s time to move on.