10 Signs A Girl Likes You


Dating can be rather tricky to navigate at times. Sometimes you just wish you had a sign that a girl was interested so you would know whether or not to pursue her. However, it’s likely that she is sending you all kinds of signs, you just don’t realize it! In additional to flat out saying she likes you, women often send out a lot of subtle nonverbal clues about their true feelings. Something as simple as eye contact can tell you a lot, especially if you see her pupils dilate. In this video, you’ll also learn about the study of proxemics, which can help you calculate how someone feels about you based on where they are standing relative to you. When we like someone, we often mirror their actions without even realizing it. You may find yourself mimicking the volume and cadence of their voice, or their hand gestures and feet position. Physical contact seems like an obvious indication of interest, but did you know that where on your body a girl touches you can mean different things regarding her feelings? If a girl asks you a lot of questions, she may be trying to do more than give you the third degree. It’s likely that she is trying to connect with you emotionally by finding out more about you, which is how women typically form bonds. Something as simple as the position of her feet can tell you whether a girl would like to be walking towards you, or running far away.