10 Sickest Cruise Ships You Have To Try Before You Die


Cruise ships kind of seem like the type of vacation that's better suited for old-timers. Who wants to sit around on a boat all day with nothing to do but watch the waves go by? But while many cruise ships used to be like that, it’s a whole other story nowadays. We’re talking about waterparks, robot-controlled bars, and go-karting racetracks. It seems like you can now do almost everything on water that you can do on land. And that’s not where the excitement stops. Not only do these cruise ships allow you to have all of the fun in the world onboard, but they’re also traveling around the world at the same time. You get to see the world’s most exciting sights and will have the coolest time while you’re on your way there. These cruise ships are making us think twice about booking a boring all-inclusive ever again.