10 Shy Stars Who Made Secret Bedroom Tapes


Although embarrassing leaked tapes have been around since the 1980s, it wasn’t until the late 1990s that the tape became a seemingly integral part of the celebrity lifestyle. After all, it was 1998 when the celebrity gossip world was wracked by the release of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s stolen home movie of the couple on their honeymoon. Since then, there have been countless incidents of celebrities making the news over a misplaced or stolen bedroom tape. In many instances the whole thing is a shameless ploy by a celeb to get their name in the headlines. However, in some instances, it’s a genuine nightmare come true for said celebrities.

Being a celebrity means always being in the spotlight and potentially having cameras follow you wherever you go. That said, you can likely think of a few celebrities who are not only famous but make sure they stay out of the gossip columns. They like to live quiet lives away from the movie studio, runway or recording studio. For these people, a tape can cause this ‘normal’ lifestyle to fall apart while producing a shock for any fans who aren’t used to such scandal. From singers to actors to models, these stars all had their quiet lives rocked by shocking tape stories.