10 Shy Celebs Who Aren’t As Innocent As They Seem


People deal with fame differently, and most of the time we have a pretty good sense of how celebrities are in real life. But, are there celebrities who turn into completely different people when the cameras aren’t rolling? From a singer who wishes her fans would die, to an actor with a drinking problem, these are 10 shy celebs who aren’t as innocent as they seem!

It’s hard to believe that Ariana Grande is shy in real life, because the girl rocks it out on stage. But, the singer has admitted she gets nervous before red carpets because they are so nerve wrecking. Something that isn’t nerve wrecking for Grande, however, is having a diva attitude. The star was on a hit Nickelodeon show “Sam and Cat” that was cancelled because cast and crew were sick of dealing with her. The signer is even twofaced to fans saying “I hope they all die” in an elevator after an autograph signing in New York City.

Everyone knows that James Franco is a bit of a loner. He gives off the introverted artist vibe, and has admitted he’s shy around women. But, that didn’t stop him from being a little naughty on social media in 2014. The famous actor was called out online when he invited an underage Scottish teen to his hotel room while she was vacationing in NYC. The teen who is 18 years younger than Franco shared screenshots of the conversation on Instagram. Franco later admitted the whole thing was poor judgment on his part.

It took a while for ex-Disney star Selena Gomez to break out of her shell when it came to acting. It’s taken even longer for her to shake her good girl image. The singer is now posing half naked on Instagram, and caught up in a love triangle with an ex-friend’s man! Gomez has been spotted getting cozy with Bella Hadid’s ex, The Weeknd, and rumors suggest the relationship started in early 2016. This means, The Weeknd and Gomez had an affair while he was still with her friend, Hadid. Which explains why there hasn’t been a new man in Gomez’s life in quite a while!

The ex One Direction band member, Zayn Malik, is known for being quiet and a bit shy. It’s because of his introvert tendencies that he thinks he has a bad boy reputation. But the truth is his behavior away from cameras is the reason he’s labeled as a bad boy. The singer has cheated on not 1 but 2 girlfriends. Fans slammed Malik after his release “She Don’t Love Me” hinted he cheated on ex girlfriend of 4 years Perrie Edwards. Then in August 2016 an anonymous twitter user released texts from Malik that suggested he cheated on girlfriend Gigi Hadid while they were together.

Her family always claims Kim Kardashian is such a square. Though she isn’t shy on social media, the reality star turned mogul keeps to herself in real life. But, the world isn’t fooled by this goody two shoes show. The whole reason Kim K has any relevance in this world is because of a well-timed sex tape release. In 2007, Kim Kardashian was filmed doing some pretty explicit acts with rapper Ray-J. The rapper even claims it was all Kim’s idea, and that she set up the whole sex tape, not her mother Kris.

Brad Pitt can’t walk an inch outside without someone trying to snap a photo of it. Because of this, it’s hard to believe the A-lister is still shy. The hunk is known to get awkward in interviews, and uses acting as a way to cope with his shyness. But it seems like the actor has more than one coping mechanism because he is quite the boozer. He drinks so much, in fact, that it is part of the reason actress Angelina Jolie filed for divorce in 2016. Jolie also accused Pitt of child abuse during a drunken fight, but the jury is still out on the claim.