10 Shockingly Inappropriate Scenes In Kids Movies


Since children are so young and naïve, we want to make sure to protect them as long as we can. That’s why there are so many activities and movies targeted to a younger generation. Kids movies are one of the biggest sellers in the film industry because kids are sometimes so easy to impress. All you have to do is have a singing ice queen or a funny looking yellow minion to give them all the entertainment they need. They might have short attention spans, but it’s easy for them to watch a big screen all day long.

For parents and any other adults, that means they are going to be spending a lot of money to take their kids to these movies or to buy the movies on Bluray. Kids movies can either be a hit or miss for all ages. Some family friendly movies are focused more on selling merchandise and others actually want to make sure there are some secret adult jokes for the parents.

Generally, it’s not hard to mess up a kids movie, but there have been a few films that have been total failures. Not everyone can make a kids movie to impress everyone. Usually, parents don’t mind sitting through a movie out of boredom, but filmmakers need to be a bit more kid friendly throughout the entire movies. There’s nothing wrong with a sneaky adult joke here and there, but you will be shocked to see some of these really inappropriate moments in these kid movies.

You’ll see a lot of random scenes throughout kids movies that somehow made it through the censors. From sex jokes to drug use, these scenes still managed to be during the movie, even if it’s a few seconds. Sure, some children might not notice these jokes until they are way older, but it seems kind of crazy how they managed to get in these children films!

Get ready to see Pinnochio smoking cigars or some creepy stranger danger in “The Jungle Book.” There are actually a lot of sex jokes in “Shrek” and Shaggy from Scooby-Doo is hinted constantly on being a stoner. You can even find more inappropriate scenes outside this video! It will make you think over some of your favorite childhood films. You might assume that these films are meant for all ages, but there might be a limit. Wait until you watch these 10 shockingly inappropriate scenes in kids’ movies.