10 Shocking Things You NEVER Knew About Overwatch


With Overwatch going into it’s second year as one of the internet’s favorite game, there are a lot of secrets to dig into that still have not been discovered. Heroes like Genji have a secret past, and he was originally two different characters rolled into one! Heroes in the game went through a lot of changes, the source of many of these changes was the ultimate move that they could use. Some of which were overpowered or just plain no fun to use in combat. Since Blizzard have created some of the most legendary worlds in gaming, they had to put a few references to other games in Overwatch, just for fun. The newest map added to Overwatch has some secrets about Winston’s origins, you just need to keep an eye out to learn more. Besides previous Blizzard games inspiring parts of Overwatch a different video game and a movie inspired one of our favorite Overwatch Heroes. One of the things we love the most about Blizzard is their dedication to their fans. With that dedication comes their promise of putting all their time and effort into ensuring that this Overwatch is the best it can be before even thinking about a sequel. In trying to ensure this Overwatch is the best it can be it seems there are even more new characters on the way, but just who could they be? Something we love about Overwatch is that there is clearly a deep story that they don’t force on you, but there are clues everywhere. With the recent anniversary of the game, Blizzard added dance emotes for each character that have real world references attached to them. Unlike Genji there was another character that was completely done anyway, as three parts of him were given to different characters.