10 Shocking Secrets Wrestlers Revealed about their Peers


When The Miz, in his inimitably smarmy way, outed Renee Young’s relationship with Dean Ambrose on the December 20 episode of SmackDown Live, it was made out to be the revelation of a big secret. But in real life, it’s really no secret that Dean and Renee have been dating for the past couple of years. They both admitted it in separate interviews, and even before then, there were myriad photos of Ambrose and Young as a couple that gave it all away — the Lunatic Fringe was, and still is dating one of the prettiest women in WWE today.

While the Dean Ambrose/Renee Young relationship was a secret in WWE canon before The Miz blurted it all out, the secrets in this list were all of the real-life variety, all told by their associates in the wrestling industry in books, shoot interviews, and the like. So are you ready to be shocked by the things professional wrestlers do (or allegedly do) when the cameras aren’t on? Read on, as we’ve got 15 examples for you, together with the names of the people who shared those secrets.