10 Shocking Secrets Spouses Have Not Told Their Partners


Love and marriage go hand in hand. But there is no question that marriage is one of the hardest things in the world. While society wants us to believe that marriage is nothing but happy bliss where you live happily ever after, the rate of divorce continues to go up each year. Perhaps it is because people are disillusioned once they start living with their spouse full time and start taking on adult responsibilities together. Or, the couples eventually fall out of love with each other. But marriages don’t randomly end for no reason. There are small issues that eventually turn into big problems. One of those small issues is keeping secrets from your spouse. While we have all done things that we’re not proud of, keeping a secret from a spouse shows two things; either we can’t be honest with our life partner because of their reaction, or there is something going on with ourselves. If we can’t be honest with our spouse, what does that mean for the longevity of the marriage?

In this video are shocking secrets that spouses have not told their partners. Some of these secrets are not your traditional secrets of infidelity or involving money. Some of these secrets will absolutely shock you because they could make or break a marriage. It is surprising just how much a person will admit to online when they know they’re anonymous. But eventually, all secrets come out, and when the spouse finds out, who knows how long the marriage will last.