10 Shocking Scandals of Soldiers in the Military


Turn on the news or do a little news surfing on the internet and we’re pretty sure you’re going to come across a story or two about some sort of scandal. A politician caught with prostitutes, an athlete caught doping, a celebrity caught on tape saying something racist – all are perfect examples of what we are talking about. Scandals are captivating for a number of reasons. First, they usually involve someone famous or important. Second, there’s usually a dirty little secret that comes out. Third, since most people love gossip, the scandal definitely fills that need – just like one of those trashy magazines found by the supermarket checkout. Of course, all of it is fueled by the media who go after anything scandal related like a swarm of hyenas stripping the carcass of an animal.

When it comes to the military, scandals can be even more serious. Why? Well, when the people with all the guns, tanks, jets and nuclear weapons are doing bad things it takes on a more serious tone. After all, we entrust the military to protect us and abide by certain rules to prevent all out anarchy. However, when generals leak secrets, soldiers release classified data and secret government arms deals are uncovered, it can be big news. Yet even the ‘regular’ soldier, sailor and airman isn’t immune from getting caught up in scandal. As you’ll see, bad decisions, botched cover-ups and generally scandalous behaviour is a lightning rod for media and public attention – and the fallout can be pretty bad as a result