10 Shocking Photos of Supermodels Without Makeup pt. 3


To make it as a supermodel, you definitely need to have natural beauty. But the industry has sometimes been accused of using smoke and mirrors to give their models the appearance of beautiful skin. Magazines are notorious for airbrushing and photoshopping the pictures of supermodels. It has gotten so bad, if one of these models were to pass us by on the street, we may not even recognize them.

But despite all of the makeup that is used to completely transform their looks, many supermodels are still natural beauties underneath it all. The veterans in the industry have proven that they are ageless, timeless beauties that can still rock the runway. Heidi Klum frequently shares makeup-free photos with her fans on social media, and it’s clear the model still has that “wow factor.” When it comes to showing off her nearly perfect face without makeup, the model says, “I’m happy in my skin.”

Naomi Campbell is another industry veteran who is just as beautiful without makeup. Although we couldn’t find too many makeup-free photos of the English model, we did find a throwback picture of Naomi which proves she’s a natural beauty even with a bit of oily skin and dark circles underneath her eyes. Her friend, Cindy Crawford, is another timeless beauty who looks stunning without makeup. For Cindy’s 50th birthday, she shared a makeup-free photo of herself on Insta-gram. And after all of these years, Cindy is still drop dead gorgeous.

Magazine photos and television appearances by our favorite models give the appearance that they look flawless at all times, but that’s simply not the case. We’re definitely not here to bash them for their looks, but it’s pretty evident that makeup is used to completely transform the looks of some models.

We can’t expect models to be all dolled up at all times, so it’s very endearing when we see beau-ties like Behati Prinsloo, Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn looking laid back and comfortable without any makeup on their faces. We honestly can’t tell the difference when Jourdan Dunn is and isn’t wearing any makeup. Event hough the majority of the photos on her Instagram show her all glammed up, we can’t help but be drawn to her makeup-free moments.

Cara Delevingne looks completely different without makeup, and we’re definitely in love with her makeup-free look. The model looks much younger sans makeup, and when her face is fresh and bare, it makes her bushy eyebrows even more prominent. Her piercing eyes stand out more than ever, and we can’t help but to be jealous of her smooth and blemish-free skin.

One thing is apparent, many of these models look more approachable without makeup. With their bare faces and flawless skin, many of them look like regular plain Janes when they’re not all dolled up.

Which of these makeup-free supermodels were you most shocked by?