10 Shocking Photos Ivanka Trump Doesn't Want You To See


Now that her father has been elected as the next President of the United States, a lot of

attention has been placed on Ivanka Trump. She has lived her life in front of the cameras since she was just a little girl, and there have been many times when she was photographed in some unflattering positions. We’re pretty sure she wishes these photos would be deleted from the

Internet forever. If Ivanka had it her way, these pictures would be burned and destroyded, but

thankfully, we were able to get our hands on them.

There’s a questionable photo of Ivanka and her dad Donald raised many eyebrows. The picture was snapped during one of the family’s parties at their Florida estate. While the Beach Boys

performed for her family and friends, Ivanka took a seat on her dad’s lap and proceeded to get her groove on. What had so many people outraged is the fact that it looks like Ivanka’s dancing is a bit suggestive. How awkward!

There are so many rumors about Ivanka’s plastic surgery procedures, but she has never fessed up to going under the knife. Photos from her younger days show just how much her

appearance has changed. Many people are convinced she has had a nose job, a chin implant and breast augmentation. Ivanka can continue to ignore the plastic surgery rumors, but her

“before” pictures pretty much confirm that she’s definitely a fan of plastic surgery.

Before becoming a fashion designer and the Executive VP of the Trump Organization, Ivanka had a brief stint as a fashion model. A photoshoot shows Ivanka in a pretty racy outfit, and it

really adds fuel to those plastic surgery rumors. She’s almost unrecognizable in the photo, and it goes against the image of the hardworking mother and wife that she tries to portray today.

Ivanka is usually as cool as a cucumber in front of the press and media, so we were completely shocked when she unleashed the beast on national TV during the 2016 Republican National Convention. Ivanka was recorded giving someone a verbal butt kicking, complete with a scowl on her face. Everyone has their moments when anger takes over them, but we’re sure Ivanka wishes this side of herself wasn’t photographed and plastered all over the Internet.