10 Shocking Discoveries That Can't Be Explained


When it comes to discoveries, there seems to be a new one every day. Often, it seems that something is found just lying on the streets and no one can figure out what it is or how it got there. It is one of the most puzzling phenomenon that we encounter as a society. But what is more unsettling is when science isn’t able to explain what happened. While society would like to jump to superstition and the supernatural immediately, this is when we must take pause. Just because science may not have an answer right NOW, it doesn’t mean that an explanation won’t eventually come through. Usually, all mysteries can be solved with time as scientists gets better acquainted with the world around us. But if you’re more spiritual, then having scientific explanation is unnecessary and the discovery might be chalked up as a divine sign.

In this video, you’ll will learn about ten shocking discoveries that can’t be explained. While some of these entries could be unsettling for you, they are a fact of life. In fact, things that can’t be explained can be downright terrifying. It’s scary when you have to admit that you don’t know all the answers. It simply means that there is more to learn about the world around us, and it will take some time before the truth is revealed. But for now, let’s revel in the fact that we don’t know all the answers, and have fun in the meantime before the discovery is debunked!