10 Shocking Before-and-After Drug Use Photos


Did your mother ever tell you not to do drugs? If she didn’t scare you, these photos will probably make you swear off drugs for the rest of your life. Not everyone does drugs, but many people have dabbled in them. Whether it offers an escape, a source of fun or a rebellious rush, some people turn to drugs, and while it doesn’t always end badly, drugs can definitely ruin your life. The harsh and scary information about different types of drugs is easily obtainable on the internet these days, and while that has limited drug use to an extent, there is still much more that needs to be done.

On the one hand there are addicts; people who do drugs all the time and have come to rely on them to function in everyday life. Many addicts start using at a very young age and are introduced to drugs by a family member. When you’re an addict, drugs can take a toll on pretty much every aspect of your life and body from your relationship to your complexion. The heavy use of some drugs like cocaine can make your body gaunt and your skin dull and tired. Drugs such as meth and heroin can even lead to even more horrific consequences like skin sores, rapid weight loss and oral decay.

On the other hand, there are casual users who, if they’re not careful, can end up taking some bad drugs. Drugs can be laced with other things and if you get a bad batch it can have horrible consequences. These consequences range from paralysis to permanent brain damage. One young girl was looking for a night of fun and took an MDMA pill. It must have been laced with something bad because it turned her into a wheel-char bound young lady that now has brain damage and slurs her speech.

Taking drugs can have absolutely terrifying consequences, and if you don’t believe me, these photos will show you just how. From meth users who have deteriorated over the years to the point where their faces are no longer recognizable, to heroin users who have lost so much weight they look like skeletons, take a look at these 10 before-and-after drug use photos. They’re shocking and sad to say the least.