10 SHADY Things Famous People Did To Get To The Top


Celebrities have to be on the ball to get to the very top. Many do this with talent, hard work and determination. But some famous people do shady things to get to the top. These shady acts cover all aspects of life, from cheating and beating to bribing and using their personal lives. Some celebs will stop at nothing to succeed, and we mean nothing. Take a look at the movie stars, reality TV stars, sports stars, pop stars and politicians who did bad things to achieve their goals.

Using your sexuality to get ahead at work is a pretty shocking thing to do. And it happens in the cutthroat worlds of music and movies more than anyone would admit. So it’s refreshing when stars actually do admit to the shady things they’ve done to land a part. Marilyn Monroe was refreshingly honest about her experience of the “casting couch”. Megan Fox is vocal in her criticism of the casting couch, but the secret behind her “Transformers” audition and her feud with Michael Bay can make for some hypocritical reading. And of course the ultimate in using your sexuality to get famous is a sex tape. These aren’t always released by accident. Just ask Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner. Speaking of Kris, her marriages certainly helped push her to the top of her game. Just saying.

When it comes to using your sexuality to get ahead, there’s often a double standard between men and women. Channing Tatum’s stripper job was the catalyst that set him on the path to the top. But you don’t see him being criticized for the role his body played in his career. Strategic dating is another shady thing some stars do to get more publicity for their projects. It might just be that Ariana Grande falls in love whilst working. But many have pointed out how convenient her relationships have been in terms of timing with her music releases. In the world of music, it can also be a case of war not love that stars use to further their careers. Just ask Dr Dre.

Then of course there are the shady things athletes do to win, like downright cheating. Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal rocked the sports world. When you hear his opinion on what he did, you’ll be even more shocked at his behavior. And let’s not forget those shady worlds of business and politics. Donald Trump himself has shown the shady connections between the two. And you won’t believe what he admitted to.

Watch our video to discover the shadiest things celebs did to get ahead, and be sure to let us know in comments who you think behaved the worst!