10 Sexiest Criminals In The World


Everyone loves a bad boy, right? The popularity of sexy mugshots certainly suggests that hot criminals are in demand. The sexiest criminals in the world become pin-up stars after their hot mugshots go viral online. Some sexy criminals were already in the public eye before committing a crime, including actors, porn stars and models, while others’ everyday lives are transformed after they gain widespread fame.

The sexiest criminals commit a whole range of crimes, from domestic battery and disorderly conduct to driving under the influence, burglary and possession of drugs. But the focus switches from their misdemeanors to their looks when their mugshots are smoking hot. Porn star Tori Black’s sexy mugshot drew attention away from her domestic battery charge and onto her good looks, even when her eye makeup was streaming down her face. Similarly, glamour model Angela Coates’ mugshot proved why she was earning a living from her looks.

In one case, a sexy mugshot actually created a modeling career for one convict. “Hot felon” Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot was so attractive he landed a modeling contract while behind bars, and embarked on a new career when he was released. His position as sexiest felon was challenged by Sean Kory, whose mugshot also highlighted his striking eyes and sharp bone structure. Sean is an example of a sexy felon whose crime is just as interesting as his face. His crazy attack on someone dressed as a Fox News reporter at a Halloween parade was a fascinating addition to the story of his good looks.

Just like Jeremy earned the title of “hot felon”, other attractive criminals have been given monikers. “Attractive convict” Meagan Simmons’ mugshot was so popular it became a meme. And Stéphanie Beaudoin’s bikini pictures earned her the title of “world’s sexiest criminal”. In the days before the Internet, attractive felons still received interest from the general public. The 1930s bank robber Charles Arthur Floyd was known as “Pretty Boy” Floyd precisely because of the attention his good looks received.

Other criminals with sexy mugshots could frame their photo it looks so attractive. Jennifer Jensen’s mugshot maybe isn’t one for the family photo album given the reason for the photo being snapped, but it must boost her ego to know so many people admire her pretty face. And Eric D’Antonio’s heavily tattooed mugshot could double up as a sexy entry in his modeling portfolio.

Take a look at our video of the world’s 10 sexiest criminals, including the hottest celebrity mugshot, and get ready to drool over all those gorgeous mugshots.