10 Seriously Brilliant Inventions That Will Change Your Life


Modern technology keeps on bringing new life changing inventions and upgrades for our everyday household objects. The modern world comes with many needs and technology has to adapt to the requests of their consumers. So let’s explore some brilliant inventions that will change your life once you try them out!

One of the best life changing inventions are water balls. These jelly-like biodegradable spheres are full of water and a perfect way to tackle the pollution issues around the world. Each water ball is completely edible! It saves on packaging and helps control the overall water bottle waste. Did you know it takes hundreds of years for a water bottle to decompose? These water balls only take 4-6 weeks!

And then there’s the ironing board mirror. If you’re not using your ironing board that often, this might be the life changing invention that will help you put your board to a good use at all times. Simply put your board into its vertical position - you now have a full-size mirror on the bottom side of the board!

Among some of the best eco-friendly inventions are solar chargers. Although phones are already energy-efficient, using solar chargers whenever possible really helps to reduce energy waste. These solar chargers come with suction cups and can be easily stuck on any window and charge as you’re on the road!