10 Secrets You Didn't Know About The Infinity Stones


We’re less than a year away from the third Avengers film, Infinity War and it’ll be the first of a two part epic that will showcase the mad titan Thanos at long last. We know he has the coveted infinity gauntlet, but none of the stones at present. But just what are the deal with those stones any how? We don’t know much about them, beyond that each stone is a power and that Thanos wants them all to fit into the gauntlet. Well, did you know that in the comics, other people aside from Thanos have used the gauntlet, included Nebula and Adam Warlock from Guardians of the Galaxy? Good odds they’ll use it in the movie then we think. In the comics, there is also a seventh stone that got introduced in Secret Wars, known as the death stone. In the comics, the infinity stones were actually known as infinity gems and before that, just known as soul gems. In the MCU, we’ve yet to see the sixth stone, but we’re sure to uncover it soon! The stones have cosmic origins, being older than the universe themselves and can only be wielded by certain beings. Humans are toast when it comes to them. Also, why does Thanos want the stones so badly and want to destroy the Earth? What did we do to him? Well, the comics offer a surprising answer. In the early days of the MCU, they had no idea that the Infinity story line could be adapted, which is why the early stones actually don’t look like stones in Captain America: First Avenger and Avengers. How about that.