10 Secrets The Trump Family Will Never Talk About


It seems like we can’t go a day without a news headline starring Donald Trump. Though he has been very vocal about a lot of things in his life, are there still some secrets he doesn’t dare share? From his mother’s secret immigrant past, to his grandfather’s significant name change, these are 10 secrets the Trump family will never talk about!

Considering the way he has shown he feels about immigrants, no one would really suspect that Donald’s own mother was an immigrant. In 1930, Donald Trump Sr.’s mother Mary Anne emigrated from Scotland to the US in hopes of finding a job as a maid. When she arrived she met Fred, Trump’s father, and they quickly fell in love. In a crazy twist, Fred Trump’s father, who is Donald Trump’s grandfather was an immigrant from Germany. This means that Trump is only a 2nd generation American!

Out of all of the Trump children, it seems like Tiffany Trump has the least connection with her father. She has publically praised Donald, but their relationship, at times, seems forced. Donald has even said that he is less proud of Tiffany when comparing her to her older siblings. But, to Donald’s defense, he was claiming that she had just graduated college and hadn’t accomplished as much as her older brothers and sister yet. Which means she has plenty of time to work hard and win her father’s affections.

It’s a topic of headlines all over the world, and for good reason, Donald Trump has a strange hair do. Looking back at pictures of his mom, we can see where he got his inspiration. Donald is so specific about his hair that he insists on doing his hair himself, and won’t let anyone touch it. Hair specialist have finally revealed what they believe is behind Trump’s infamous hair. Doctors claim that Donald uses a prescription drug, Propecia, to promote hair growth and maintain the hair on his scalp.

It is a well-known fact that President Trump doesn’t touch alcohol, not even a drop. But, it may not be well known why. Donald’s older brother was an alcoholic, and the disease actually claimed his life. Donald’s brother, Freddy, convinced Donald that he should never drink because of the toll it took over his life. The death of his older brother left a void in Donald’s life, but also taught him a great lesson in self-discipline.

Just because her father is a Republican President doesn’t mean Tiffany Trump has to follow in his footsteps. The youngest daughter of Donald Trump is actually dating a democrat. Not only that, but her boyfriend, Ross Mechanic, showed his support for Hilary Clinton during the Presidential elections. The good news is, just because her boyfriend doesn’t share the same views as her father, it doesn’t seem to be causing any family drama!

Trump will never admit that his grandfather changed his last name to Trump after immigrating to America. After 6 years in America, German born Fredrick Drumpf thought his last name was holding him back. So, before he went out west to capitalize on the gold rush, he decided to change his name to the much more catchy “Fredrick Trump”. The name change proved to be a great success, because it is now plastered all over the world, and is the last name of the 45th President of the United States!