10 SECRETS North Korea Doesn't Want The World To Know


If you’ve ever watched a military parade put on by North Korea, you may have been wowed by their enormous weapons and well-equipped soldiers. But TheHub took a closer look and revealed quite a few things that North Korea would rather keep you in the dark about. Speaking of the dark, North Korea tries to gloss over the fact that it experiences frequent blackouts and many of its people struggle to get enough electricity. They have places specially designed for visitors, such as the Yanggakdo hotel, which is a strangely comfortable oasis in the middle of North Korea. They also created a place known as Peace Village which is meant to be inviting to defectors, but they missed a few key details when attempting to make a picture perfect village. North Korea is famous for its propaganda, and tries to keep a lot of information about South Korea a secret from its citizens so they can make them believe that it’s a terrible place and definitely not as nice as North Korea. Most of us can’t imagine life without the internet, but many impoverished people in North Korea don’t even know that it exists. Those rare few who can access it get to enjoy North Korea’s whopping 28 websites. Despite struggling to feed his people, Kim Jong-un has spent millions of dollars on equipment for his mass surveillance. People in North Korea are constantly monitored and will be punished severely for any infraction.