10 Secrets Ivanka Trump Doesn’t Want You to Know


Ivanka Trump is definitely one of the most fascinating First Daughters to ever step foot in the White House. She has it all: Beauty, brains, a lavish lifestyle, and a beautiful family. But she’s keeping some pretty private secrets that could really shake up the Trump empire. Here are a few secrets Ivanka Trump doesn’t want you to know.

Although she’s well-known as Ivanka, this isn’t actually her real name. When she was born on October 30th, 1981, she was given the name Ivana - just like her mother. It was obviously a bit confusing to have two people named Ivana in the same house, so her parents started calling her “Ivanka” instead, and that’s the name she has used ever since.

Ivanka didn’t just donate a lot of money to The Clinton Foundation, she’s also really good friends with former President Bill Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea. Ivanka and Chelsea have been friends for many years, and their friendship didn’t change one bit when their parents went head-to-head during the recent presidential race. Chelsea spoke about their friendship, and said it isn’t based on politics, and it wasn’t going to end because of politics either. The Clintons were also in attendance at President Trump’s wedding to Melania back in 2005, as well as at Ivanka’s wedding to her husband, Jared Kushner, in 2009.

Before she and her husband Jared Kushner tied the knot, their relationship was full of many ups and downs. They dated for three years before Jared’s parents encouraged them to break up due to their religious differences. Ivanka was Presbyterian and Jared is an Orthodox Jew. His parents hoped he would marry a Jewish woman, so the two decided to go their separate ways. They eventually gave their romance another shot when Ivanka made the choice to convert to Judaism. His parents were happy, Jared put a ring on it, and the two have been married ever since.

Ivanka has some pretty awesome hair, and it doesn’t take much for her to get her blonde locks smooth and shiny. She says she doesn’t even own a blowdryer, and on most days, she ends up leaving the house with semi-wet hair. She walks from her home in the Upper East Side to her office in Midtown Manhattan, and she allows the air and the wind to naturally blow dry her hair to perfection.

Most girls grow up with an intense love for Barbie, but not Ivanka. When she was just six-years-old, she received a Barbie doll for Christmas, and she hated it! Her brothers received LEGOs and Erector Sets, and she wanted to have toys just like them. She got so upset that she locked herself in her bedroom with her brothers’ toys and built a replica Trump Tower using LEGOs and super glue.

Which of these Ivanka Trump secrets is the most shocking to you?