10 Secrets For Flawless Skin From Other Countries


We can learn so much from women in other countries, not least about how to take care of our skin. Many of the best-kept beauty tips from around the world involve food you probably have sitting in your kitchen right now. Others involve more unusual and exotic ingredients and things that you’d never dream of putting on your face, like snails and mud!

You might love avocado on toast, but did you know that women in Latin America have been using it on their faces for years? Victoria Beckham’s even got on board. It’s good to see there are so many avocados growing in Colombia. And then there’s rice. You’ll never throw out the water you’ve cooked yours in again once you’ve heard what women in China use it for. And that tub of turmeric isn’t just for curries, as Indian women will attest. As for olive oil, it’s not just for dipping bread in, as women from Greece will tell you.

Argan oil is another oil you’ll want in your beauty cabinet. Women in Morocco have been using it for centuries. And as for mud, take the lead from women in Israel and get some. Just make sure to use the right variety, and not take it from your backyard! You might not be up for a Japanese snail facial, but what about a konjac sponge from Japan and Korea? Or how about using charcoal like the Egyptians?

Watch our video to learn 10 secrets for flawless skin from other countries, and share your favorite skin care techniques with us in the comments.